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Dr. Ziegler

... is a licensed, board certified Doctor of Chiropractic with over 30 years of experience as a trained body worker. His approach is informed by 18 years of experience as a massage therapist. Through a variety of gentle, effective adjusting techniques that align, balance, and support the body’s natural inclination to heal, you will experience improved health and balance.

Dr. Ziegler’s work offers a unique combination of healing modalities to support the entire nervous system allowing the brain to communicate freely with the organs, muscles, and tissues for optimal self-healing. These modalities include Cranial Sacral therapy, organ rebalancing, nutrition, and exercise to facilitate the unwinding of core stress patterns and allow for improved movement, flexibility and strength within your body.

Mission Statement: To serve the people and the families of our community with natural alternative healthcare and the use of gentle therapeutic adjustments to address the body in a wholistic manner, enhance the body’s power to heal itself, and to restore balance and vitality.

Contact Us

Call us at 510-665-6099

Hours of Operation

Mon-Wed from 8:45am - 5:30pm
Friday from 8am - 4:45pm
We are closed on Thursday.

To schedule an appointment please call between 9am & 2pm

Our location

2380 Ellsworth Suite C
(@ corner of Channing Way)
Berkeley, CA 94704


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