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Offering a Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Therapeutic techniques in Chiropractic, Bodywork and Somatic Movement Therapy

Ziegler Chiropractic Wellness is proud to
help our patients live better, pain-free lives.

We truly believe that no one deserves to live in pain, even as they age. We will do everything we can to ensure that our patients are comfortable. We are proud to help people heal after an accident or injury and diminish any unwanted discomfort. Both literally and metaphorically, your spine is the backbone of your entire body. The spine is an important and integral part of your body, and any misalignments in your backbone have the potential to affect many different parts of your body, sometimes areas that may seem completely unrelated.

We will be able to determine where your problem lies and discuss the various treatments available. Even after just a few treatments, you will be amazed at how much better you feel! You will gain mobility, have increased circulation, and may even start to lose some weight. Chiropractic care can really make a world of difference to you!

Patient Reviews

  • 5 star rating  Reuben stands head and shoulders above all the other chiropractors I’ve ever seen. He is incredibly thorough, combining several modalities including cranial sacral therapy, muscle testing, and a deep understanding of body energetics. His masterful integration of many techniques is complimented by his bright and joyful nature. He is personable and easy going and his office is light and pleasant. On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d rate Reuben as an 11!

    Deni B. Avatar Deni B.
  • 5 star rating  I came to Dr. Ziegler for pain in my shoulder and back. His treatments were thorough and invigorating—part bodywork, part chiropractic. The treatment helped my back and neck and shoulder but it also helped my digestion. For two months I have had no irritable bowl problems- something I’ve had at least once a week for years. I recommended Dr. Ziegler and enjoy visiting him.

    Abdi S. Avatar Abdi S.
  • 5 star rating  I went in broken and I came out whole! I have had numerous experiences where I have had some physical pain – neck, knee, shoulder, hip – and by the time I left Dr. Ziegler’s office the pain was a mere memory. I am so thankful to have discovered him!

    Dorrit G. Avatar Dorrit G.
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