“Ruben is the MAN!

Seriously, the man has healing hands or some other crazy gift that helps your pain instantly feel so much better. I came to Ruben more than 4 years ago for the first time after recovering from a broken femur and crushed hip ball (roller blades = death traps if you ask me) and my y surgeon had told me I should prepare to be in a wheelchair after age 50….I had a pretty awkward limp (no, seriously my friends called me The Penguin) and a fair amount of pain when it rained and when I got up in the morning. After a couple of months with Ruben with bi-monthly visits my limp was practically gone and my pain level was close to zero. He not only works on your body but also helps you by explaining what is going on so that you can take steps to prevent it in your life when you are not under his care.

Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment – there is no way you cannot feel like $1 million when you leave there!”
– Anne S. B.