“Reuben stands head and shoulders above all the other chiropractors I’ve ever seen. He is incredibly thorough, combining several modalities including cranial sacral therapy, muscle testing, and a deep understanding of body energetics. His masterful integration of many techniques is complimented by his bright and joyful nature. He is personable and easy going and his office is light and pleasant. On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d rate Reuben as an 11!”
– Deni B

“I came to Dr. Ziegler for pain in my shoulder and back. His treatments were thorough and invigorating—part bodywork, part chiropractic. The treatment helped my back and neck and shoulder but it also helped my digestion. For two months I have had no irritable bowl problems- something I’ve had at least once a week for years. I recommended Dr. Ziegler and enjoy visiting him.
– Abdi S

“I went in broken and I came out whole! I have had numerous experiences where I have had some physical pain – neck, knee, shoulder, hip – and by the time I left Dr. Ziegler’s office the pain was a mere memory. I am so thankful to have discovered him!”
– Dorrit G

“Dr. Ziegler is the real deal. As someone who has had the great fortune of being in 10 car accidents before the age of 21, I have a ton of experience in chiropractic care. It’s true many of the hacks out there have bastardized the trade, but Dr. Ziegler is a true gem and a rarity. Due to my large body of experience and an all around choosy nature, it took me a lot of wasted time and funds to locate him. Referred to me by a TRAPEZE ARTIST, Dr. Ziegler gives you full attention for your entire session, employing numerous techniques and involving the entire body, as it is all invariably connected (he will educate you as well). You actually leave his office completely blissed out and balanced with relief that lasts for weeks, not just that day.

His compassion and integrity are unmistakable and his motivation is to get you back in ‘fighting form’, not just trying to milk the treatment ($$) along for months and months as so many others are wont to do. I know I will need intermittent ‘tune-ups’ for many years to come due to a crook in my spine occurring during one of my many mishaps and I’m very grateful to have found a provider I can turn to to get me back in line. Don’t waste time and money the way I did, he’s the best out there.”
– Lucy T.

“I consider myself something of mutant…when I was ‘tween it was discovered that I have an extra vertebrae in the old spinal column…I think I must have seen somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 Chiropractors over the last 25 years and to be honest with the exception of one here in SF (Hi John) they have all sucked…sure they gave me some relief but typically seeing a chiropractor is like using heroin—it’s just a matter when you need your next fix (usually the sooner the better).

Full disclosure, I knew Reuben as a friend before I knew him as Chiropractor and it was only after I got him to take pity on me and adjust my shoulder after a dinner that I realized the difference between what he does and what all of the other quacks did to me…

Hands down, Dr. Ziegler (sorry to get all formal on you there) is the best whatever he is that I have seen – I’m not really comfortable calling him a Chiropractor since there is some stigma there that he doesn’t deserve.

Long story short, if you have issues where you feel like your this or your that is out of whack I would recommend making an appointment…I haven’t found anyone in the last 25 years that has the sense and ability to heal that Dr. Ziegler does…

5 Stars for the fact that since I’ve seen Dr. Ziegler, my back and shoulders finally don’t feel like *@$#*!”
– Todd E.

“I was recently rear ended and was lucky enough to know exactly who to go to: Reuben. He has helped me not only move but dance again. Well I am on my way at least. The most amazing thing is that my Mother came to visit recently and had a very swollen knee. After several tests and about three months of suffering she was told she had to have surgery. She is in her 60′s and spends a lot of time at her desk so recovery would be difficult after surgery.

I suggested she see Reuben while she was here. Reuben was amazing. He saw her on Friday and came in on Saturday to see her too! He gave her tools to help her heal herself. She is still working on it but the surgery is not her only option anymore. She WALKED out after her first visited and learned how to keep up her healing on her second visit. Thank you Reuben! You are truly like no one else!”
– Kim A.

“Ruben is the MAN!

Seriously, the man has healing hands or some other crazy gift that helps your pain instantly feel so much better. I came to Ruben more than 4 years ago for the first time after recovering from a broken femur and crushed hip ball (roller blades = death traps if you ask me) and my y surgeon had told me I should prepare to be in a wheelchair after age 50….I had a pretty awkward limp (no, seriously my friends called me The Penguin) and a fair amount of pain when it rained and when I got up in the morning. After a couple of months with Ruben with bi-monthly visits my limp was practically gone and my pain level was close to zero. He not only works on your body but also helps you by explaining what is going on so that you can take steps to prevent it in your life when you are not under his care.

Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment – there is no way you cannot feel like $1 million when you leave there!”
– Anne S. B.

“Dr. Ziegler has an innate sense about the human body. His assessment begins when you walk into the room. He is friendly and welcoming and comforting and effective. He is unlike a typical crack master… Reuben actually engages your body in its normal range of motion and positions your posturing so that your body almost adjusts itself. With his firm and gentle prodding – he guides your body into its natural state of balance. Go see him and get centered soon. Friendly staff will make sure that you get the appointment time that works best.”
– Elliot D.

“Reuben is one of the most incredible healers I know. I am a massage therapist and have been to a number of chiropractors over the years to help maintain my structural balance. He is one of the few that spends 30 – 45 minutes of hands on time and looks at the body as a whole rather than just the spine (he adjusts ankles, wrists, shoulders, rib cage, etc.) I also used to work for him and had the pleasure of witnessing the many amazing transformations from pain and sometimes despair to mobile happy people. He just moved into his new office on Ellsworth on the corner of Channing and Ellsworth in Berkeley. The phone number is still the same: 510-665-6099.”
– Ari A.

“Reuben Ziegler is the best chiropractor I’ve experienced. Several years ago I began healing from a broken foot. The side effect from the’ boot cast’ was that my knees began to hurt so bad I had to walk with a cane. A dancer friend of mine recommended Reuben. After my first visit with him, I walked in on a cane and out without one never to use one again! I am not the only one with this story around his office.

One of the things that I love about his work is that he spends 45 min – 1hr on you. With over 25 years experience in bodywork techniques, he has a palette of modalities with which he works on your body, not only as a clinician but with artistry. With Rueben’s help I am youthing.

I have recommended a number of happy satisfied clients to him over the years. I’d give him a try if I were you. What have you got to lose? Imagine life without your knees and lower back in pain. It happened to me.”
– Yehudit S.

“I had an injury to my big toe from years and years ago. Through the years I had always resorted to yanking on my toe whenever it bothered me. The relief was only temporary.Dr. Ziegler massaged my foot a bit, then did *something*. What, I’ll never know, but that was a year ago and my toe has never bothered me again. He is a total wizard! Don’t put up with aches and pains: let Dr. Ziegler heal your carcass.”
– Randy L.

“I pulled out my collar bone while doing chair yoga. I jammed my hip when I fell off a horse. I was moving furniture for my mother and I compressed my wrist. My 65-pound dog crashed into my knee and forced my leg out of alignment. After each injury put me out of whack, Dr. Ziegler put me back into whack. He’s not a ten-minute man who yanks you and sends you out the door — he really spends time with you, preparing your body for the adjustment, and then he’s sensitive with the adjustment he does make, mindful of how all your parts are connected and interrelated, careful to not deliver more than you can stand. If it weren’t for Dr. Ziegler, I’d have ended up having knee surgery; instead, he realigned my leg, and the knee immediately began to heal after what had been an excruciatingly painful injury. I’ve been going to Dr. Ziegler now for about six or seven years; my husband and stepson also go to him; and I send all my friends to him as well. I consider myself very, very fortunate to have found Dr. Ziegler.”
– Susan R.

“The man’s a CHIRO GOD!

About a year ago I was in Pilates complaining about an ancient chronic hip and lower back pains, when the instructor and every student in the class responded, “Reuben Ziegler, life saver”

It is one year later and no more chronic pain. Bonus – I have better posture, better health and the hump below my neck from bad posture at the computer – disappearing!

Double bonus – He doesn’t crack and pop your back, he spends a good 45 min, manipulating your body and doing some crazy deep tissue and cranial work.

If you can barley walk, yet want to run to the Chiro, Reuben Ziegler is the man.”
– KeAloha C.

“In 2000, at the age of 48, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My body had gone numb from the chest down, I was constantly tired, my sense of balance was shot, and I kept tripping over my dragging left foot. Facing the prospect of a future in a wheel chair, I addressed the diagnosis on three fronts – diet (I limit my intake of wheat and milk products and eat no red meat), regular exercise (4-5 times a week), and the best medical care I could find.

Dr. Ziegler is a key member of my medical team. Largely due to his care, I no longer suffer from foot drop and my sense of balance is greatly improved. He has a deep understanding of the human body, unflagging positive energy, a healthy disdain for western medical diagnoses, and an ability to identify and correct problems in my body almost before I am aware of them myself. Rather than treating symptoms he consistently addresses the underlying problem and works to achieve true health. With my body restored, I now see Dr. Ziegler on a maintenance basis to strengthen my defenses against future MS episodes. After each of our sessions I feel rejuvenated and several inches taller than I did before the session. His adjustments have sparked new energy. In the time that he has been treating me I’ve completed the Big Sur Marathon and a century bicycle ride around Lake Tahoe, long time dreams that I never thought I’d accomplish.”
– Jerry B.

“The dude walks on water.”
– Liz Cunningham