“The body is designed to show you change. I have an array of tools to bring your body back to its comfortable, responsive, gravitationally neutral state.”

–Dr. Ziegler

Dr. Ziegler uses specific chiropractic tools for optimal adjustments. These tools are safe, gentle and effective. Click on the links to learn more.


The percussor allows for an easy effortless fascial release similar to a rolfing-like effect, without the hard, unpleasant side-effects. This myofascial release tool unwinds surgical scars and any other traumatized, bound up tissue. The percussor is used to address: TMJ, dropped uterus, dropped kidneys, sprains and strains, surgical scars, plantar fasciitis, headaches, frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocation, and acid reflux. For more information: http://www.erchonia.com/percussor


This tool gives high velocity, low amplitude thrusts. It is used to gently resolve the majority of the adjustment needs. Manual adjustments are used for whatever remains. For more information: http://www.erchonia.com/adjustor

Low Level Lasers

Low level cold lasers are used to bring awareness to hidden neurological weaknesses and resolve them. Our laser dramatically increases the effectiveness of the rest of the chiropractic treatment.

Low level laser therapy dramatically reduces musculoskeletal pain and inflammation as well as promoting tissue repair wherever the laser beam is applied. This is not a heat treatment. The effects are photochemical. One of the primary actions is on mitochondrial production of ATP, therefore potentially affecting any eukaryotic cell in the body.

Learn more at: http://www.erchonia.com/laser-applications

Ionic foot bath

Designed by Dr. Oschman, the EB-PRO foot bath runs a negative & positive charge through a warm water bath mobilizing the meridians in the feet and releasing toxins into the bath. The ionic foot bath is a great adjunct to the chiropractic therapy, this foot bath helps release the toxic cellular debris that has been mobilized during the treatment.

For more info: http://www.erchonia.com/ion-therapy