“Dr. Ziegler is the real deal. As someone who has had the great fortune of being in 10 car accidents before the age of 21, I have a ton of experience in chiropractic care. It’s true many of the hacks out there have bastardized the trade, but Dr. Ziegler is a true gem and a rarity. Due to my large body of experience and an all around choosy nature, it took me a lot of wasted time and funds to locate him. Referred to me by a TRAPEZE ARTIST, Dr. Ziegler gives you full attention for your entire session, employing numerous techniques and involving the entire body, as it is all invariably connected (he will educate you as well). You actually leave his office completely blissed out and balanced with relief that lasts for weeks, not just that day.

His compassion and integrity are unmistakable and his motivation is to get you back in ‘fighting form’, not just trying to milk the treatment ($$) along for months and months as so many others are wont to do. I know I will need intermittent ‘tune-ups’ for many years to come due to a crook in my spine occurring during one of my many mishaps and I’m very grateful to have found a provider I can turn to to get me back in line. Don’t waste time and money the way I did, he’s the best out there.
– Lucy T.